img_4428For a few years now we have been using the tagline “Change Begins Within.” Monica’s story below lives that out to the fullest.

Monica was living in a friend’s basement, overwhelmed by credit card debt and unable to pay bills or buy food. On top of that, she had an unreliable car that was a cash drain. A friend referred her to Kingdom House.

Monica attended every Kingdom House Financial Literacy course and began putting what she learned to work. “Just having free classes is motivating because it means someone really cares about you.”

One day, Monica attended a credit building session. She learned how to develop a plan of action…how to eliminate her bills one by one. The instructor talked about the snowball effect of paying the lowest debt first, then proceeding to the next one. It was a new experience for her. Every time she began to deter from her new path, there seemed to be another class on the schedule to keep her focused.

Thanks to the newfound knowledge she gained, Monica was able to buy her dream car: a pre-owned, 2012 red Nissan Sentra. “If I can do it, anyone else can. I am proud of myself. I still can’t believe I did it.”

She didn’t stop there. Monica recently was able to by a small house in Affton and is now a homeowner, no longer living in the Kingdom House area. “All doors are opened to me now. I have nothing holding me back,” Monica joyfully said. “I sleep better now.”

So far this year, 107 participants have engaged in our Financial Stability program.

Change does begin within, but you play a big part with your support of Kingdom House and its life-transforming programming. Thank you.

Thank you for investing in futures!

$1,000* | 1 month of Early Childhood Education for a 3-5 year-old child

$500* | 5-week Financial Literacy class for 10 participants (includes childcare)

$300 | Year-long After School program for 1 child

$100 | 1 Food Pantry visit for a family of 3

*Eligible for Missouri YOP Tax Credit program. Make a greater impact by giving more, but with reduced cost, by using Youth Opportunity Program Credits (YOP). Your $1000 gift will cost you approximately $286 and a $500 gift will cost approximately $143 using tax credits and normal deductions.

If you would prefer not to pay online, please call Jennifer March at (314) 627-1228.