madina2March 2013 – Madina, a Somalian mother of 5, came to the USA when she was pregnant with Luul who is now a student in our Kingdom Academy. In her effort to assimilate in the community she sought help at the International Institute where she learned about E.S.O.L classes offered at Kingdom House. She became proficient enough in English that she was able to act as an interpreter for other Somalians and was a part-time interpreter at the International Institute for about 10 months.

Needing to improve her reading and writing skills she enrolled in GED classes at Kingdom House while continuing in E.S.O.L. Medina has encouraged her sister and other Somalians in the neighborhood to better their futures by taking advantage of the services offered by the agency such as after school and daycare programs.

Both sisters attended the first session of Places for People parenting classes as well as our first Financial Literacy class sponsored by Carrollton Bank. With information gained from the class, Medina opened a savings account at the new St. Louis Community Credit Union micro-branch located in Kingdom House. Because Kingdom House has helped her family in so many ways, she says “I don’t know what I would do without Kingdom House. Kingdom House is my home.” She encourages others to join her in taking advantage of the programs offered by the agency to better their lives.

Luul, an 11th grade student, is a member of Kingdom Academy who spends 20 hours a week volunteering at the agency for class credit at her high school. A highlight of the 6 week Academy Summer program was a course in financial literacy in which she learned the importance of financial planning, money management and the importance of saving a percentage of each paycheck. She was one of the first Kingdom Academy teens to open her own savings account.

When her computer broke, she stopped adding to her saving account in order to get it fixed and because she knows how important saving is, is again working at making deposits. With a goal of attending Film Connection Film Institute to learn about film production and screen writing when she finishes high school, she is saving for the tuition.
Lu says that without the summer class, she would not know the importance of saving.

Your Investment Transforms Lives through the Programs and Services at Kingdom House

Educational Programs – including ESOL and GED classes that help Madina be better able to support her family.

Kingdom Academy – Helping teens like Luul learn and prepare for their future by completing high school and going to college.

St. Louis Community Credit Union micro-branch – helping with financial planning and affordable banking services.

Together Empowering the Advancement of members (T.E.A.M.) – working together to develop a holistic plan with individuals and families that promotes empowerment and growth.

Recipes from Madina Abdi