efp_151013_jordan-brown_0019-editChristmas is a special time at Kingdom House. We are thankful for you – our supporters – and we celebrate!

Four years ago, in response to low graduation rates and teens’ lack of job readiness, we created our Kingdom Academy program. We enrolled 25 ninth graders, provided them with academic and life/job skills programming, and paired them with a Teen Advisor who helped them stay on track and overcome obstacles.

Our first class was an amazing group of young people! 18 of the 25 students stayed in the program all four years and graduated from high school in May. High school graduation is an achievement in itself, especially considering that our neighborhood high school has a 37% graduation rate. 16 graduates started college this past fall. Colleges include: University of Missouri, Missouri State University, Northwest Missouri State University, Southeast Missouri State University, Avila University, Lincoln University, and Mineral Area College.

We have continued our relationships with these students post-graduation. We drove some to college, ensured they had school supplies, and we check in regularly to make sure they are getting the resources they need to succeed. Our goal is to create a community of first generation college graduates whose future generations won’t need our help.

We wouldn’t be able to provide this programming every year without your investment. Studies show that a high school dropout costs society $2.5 million in his/her lifetime. If we intervene and invest in these young people, we will impact our whole community and future generations.

On behalf of Kingdom House, thank you for supporting our Kingdom Academy students on this important life journey. And thank you to our first class — Chris, Santez, Charm, Michelle, Dennis, Dominique, Eddie, Joy, Nautica, Raven, Romanita, Sharamar, Alexis, Daphe, Hamadi, Gladys, Luul and Kalon — and for being role models to our Kingdom Academy classes of 2016-2019.

Thank you for investing in futures!

$1,000* | 2 tutors for 1 month to work with Kingdom Academy students

$500* | 5-week Financial Literacy class for 10 Kingdom Academy students

$300 | ACT Preparation class for 1 Kingdom Academy student

$100 | Curriculum for Leadership Development

*Eligible for Missouri YOP Tax Credit program. Make a greater impact by giving more, but with reduced cost, by using Youth Opportunity Program Credits (YOP). Your $1000 gift will cost you approximately $286 and a $500 gift will cost approximately $143 using tax credits and normal deductions.

If you would prefer not to pay online, please call Jennifer March at (314) 627-1228.