Rasnick 250 x 250Rasnick is that one individual. A close friend shared how much fun she was having at Kingdom House, so Rasnick’s mom–a single parent–enrolled her in the Kingdom House After-School Program. In addition, she got involved with the Kingdom House TREND Program (a program empowering urban youth), summer camp and eventually she became a group leader at camp where she loved the opportunity to empower other youth. It was at Kingdom House she met Chester Deanes (one mentor), a Kingdom House facilitator of the TREND program.

Chester encouraged Rasnick and told her that she could do something special with her life. Chester gave her the knowledge of what it takes to go to college and how to get accepted, something no one else talked about with her.

Today the “Power of One” has taken Rasnick through graduation at Clyde C Miller Career Academy, University of Central Missouri, and into a Masters of Social Work at the University of Kansas City.

Rasnick said, she “would not have made it to college if not for Kingdom House.” She said, “Kingdom House, especially Chester Deanes in TREND, provided me with the knowledge I needed. I love Kingdom House and when I get enough money I want to give back and donate. Kingdom House is a great organization and I would tell anyone considering coming to Kingdom House to get involved.”

You too can be a “Power of One” by supporting the next Rasnick at Kingdom House!
Camp Kaleidoscope – Summer Day Camp in June and July

For children ages 5 to 14, Camp Kaleidscope is a time to make new friends, discover new places, learn new skills, and have fun.

For the teens working in our Summer Intern Program at Camp Kaleidoscope, they have the opportunity to earn a salary and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to mentor and lead–skills essential for career building and future employment.

$1,000* | Provides a camp experience for 6 children

$500* | Pays for 2 summer interns for one week

$300 | Sponsors 2 children for one week at camp

$100 | Supports a field trip experience for 7 children

Thank you for your gift to the Kingdom House Camp Kaleidoscope!

*Eligible for Missouri YOP Tax Credit program. Make a greater impact by giving more, but with reduced cost, by using Youth Opportunity Program Credits (YOP). Your $1000 gift will cost you approximately $286 and a $500 gift will cost approximately $143 using tax credits and normal deductions.

If you would prefer not to pay online, please call Jennifer March at (314) 627-1228.