About Urban Forum:

The Urban Forum at LifeWise STL provides professional guidance in social justice education through immersive service learning.

Our unique model’s three-stage process starts prior to the group’s arrival at LifeWise STL. Participants begin the work of preparing their heads and hearts while still in their home communities. Education sessions on social justice, spiritual development and the urban environment–to name a few–are facilitated by Urban Forum staff or volunteers in the group’s home community using curriculum written expressly for this LifeWise STL program.

The daily schedule of the on-site period of our three-stage process is a combination of continued education as well as meaningful service projects that connect participants to the surrounding neighborhood and its residents. Furthermore, LifeWise STL provides lodging to groups participating in the Urban Forum immersion experience so that participants can truly immerse themselves in the community for the duration of their service learning trip.

It is in this final step of our three-stage process that the true work of service learning begins. Supported by periodic check-ins by Urban Forum staff and volunteers in the months and years following the Urban Forum experience, groups implement a plan for personal and social action and learning in their home communities. It is this continuing work that will change our communities.

Urban Forum:  Equipping people to strengthen communities

Ready to Learn More?

If your group is interested in learning more about an immersion experience with us, please contact Dan Richter, Director of Volunteer Engagement & Service Learning, at drichter@lifewisestl.org or 314-627-1233.