LifeWise StL Logo & Brand Standards: Representing Our Identity with Integrity

Consistency is Key

The LifeWise StL logo and our brand standards are a reflection of our identity, mission, and the values we uphold. Consistent use of our logo and adhering to our brand standards ensures that our message and image remain strong, unified, and instantly recognizable in the community.

Using our Logo

We are proud to share our logo with partners, supporters, and media. However, it’s crucial to use it correctly to maintain its integrity and the brand’s consistency.

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Our Brand Standards Manual

To ensure a cohesive and consistent brand representation across various platforms, we’ve developed a comprehensive brand standards manual. This guide covers everything from typography and color palettes to imagery and voice.

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Questions & Permissions

If you have questions about using our logo or brand materials, or if you require special permissions or formats, please contact Jennifer Weston at or 314-627-1225.

Thank you for joining us in representing LifeWise StL with pride and professionalism!