Administration & Development

Scott E. Walker
Scott E. Walker President/CEO
Jennifer March
Jennifer MarchDevelopment & Associate Executive Director
Jennifer Weston
Jennifer WestonDirector of Communications & Administrative Support
Meghan Goudy, MPH
Meghan Goudy, MPHDirector of Program Evaluation
Amanda Andrews, MBA
Amanda Andrews, MBAEvents Manager & Development Associate
Dan Richter
Dan RichterDirector of Volunteer Engagement & Service Learning
Alicia Somarriba, MA
Alicia Somarriba, MACoordinator of Individual Volunteers
Maggie Lohmeyer
Maggie LohmeyerCoordinator of Group Volunteers


Steve Young, MBA
Steve Young, MBADirector of Accounting & Finance
Doris Washington
Doris WashingtonFinance Associate & Notary

Early Childhood Education

Bernadette Broyles, M.Ed.
Bernadette Broyles, M.Ed.Co-Director of Early Childhood Center
Theola Perkins-Johnson, M.Ed.
Theola Perkins-Johnson, M.Ed.Co-Director of Early Childhood Center
Anita Hale
Anita HaleFamily Relationship Manager, Early Childhood Center

Youth Development

Crystal Fowler, MA
Crystal Fowler, MADirector of Youth Development & LifeWise Academy Alumni Advisor
Tawnya Johnson
Tawnya JohnsonCoordinator of LifeWise Academy
Emma Patterson, MSW
Emma Patterson, MSWCoordinator of Young Scholars Program
Amanda Boyd
Amanda BoydAssistant Coordinator of Young Scholars Program & Middle School Advisor
Kallie Clyde, MPH
Kallie Clyde, MPHLifeWise Academy Teen Advisor - Freshman Class
Nickie Chapman, M.Ed.
Nickie Chapman, M.Ed.LifeWise Academy Teen Advisor - Senior Class
Shannon Griffin, M.Ed.
Shannon Griffin, M.Ed.LifeWise Academy Teen Advisor - Sophomore Class
LaKeyra Stephens
LaKeyra StephensLifeWise Academy Teen Advisor - Junior Class
Meg Terranova, MA, LPC
Meg Terranova, MA, LPCYouth Mental Health Therapist

Economic Wellness

Natalie Gemberling Webb, MSW, CFSW
Natalie Gemberling Webb, MSW, CFSWDirector of Economic Wellness
Mayda Paredes, MA, CFSW
Mayda Paredes, MA, CFSWFinancial Social Worker
Chaella Jones, BSW, CFSW
Chaella Jones, BSW, CFSWFinancial Social Worker
Arissa Calvert, MSW, CFSW
Arissa Calvert, MSW, CFSWFinancial Social Worker
Veronica Guerrero
Veronica GuerreroFinancial Coach
Rachel McBeath
Rachel McBeathEconomic Wellness Administrative Assistant
Shaurice Irons
Shaurice IronsFamily Center Supervisor
Elizabeth Campbell
Elizabeth CampbellCommunity Care Liaison

Emotional & Physical Wellness

Sarah Caldera Wimmer, LMSW, LCSW
Sarah Caldera Wimmer, LMSW, LCSWDirector of Emotional & Physical Wellness
Sara Johnson-Cardona, MSW, LCSW
Sara Johnson-Cardona, MSW, LCSWAssistant Director of Emotional & Physical Wellness
Mental Health Coordinator
Angeles Ochoa-Raya, LMSW
Angeles Ochoa-Raya, LMSWBilingual Youth Therapist
Eileen Wolfington, M.Ed.
Eileen Wolfington, M.Ed.Coordinator of Health & Wellness Program

Senior Programming

Samantha Ferguson Knight, MSW
Samantha Ferguson Knight, MSWDirector of Senior Programming
Kim Saunchgrow, BSW
Kim Saunchgrow, BSWSenior Programming Field Coordinator
Allison Hibbs, MA
Allison Hibbs, MASenior Programming Administrative Assistant


Director of Facilities