Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals and families achieve economic well-being by providing high-impact, relationship-based programming and by addressing systemic barriers to their success.

Our Vision

All people in the St. Louis region have access to the opportunities and support that allow them to achieve economic well-being. LifeWise StL supports the vision by increasing its thought leadership, building presence through program growth and expanding influence in the community.

Our History

Our story began in 1902 when Kingdom House was founded as a settlement house. Middle class men and women provided education and resources to help the growing immigrant population of St. Louis. They created a place of hope, refuge, learning and connection. We’re incredibly proud these ideals have endured even as the community around us has changed and life situations are more challenging.

Our organization has experienced its own metamorphosis as it adapted to meet the needs of our participants in this changing environment. We listened to and learned from them. As we did that, we continued to move away from crisis service transactions toward holistic transformations. Our priorities have shifted to focus on an individual’s overall well-being.

Today, we have a model that is based on educational programming fused with personalized and supportive coaching. We see our participants taking measurable steps to better their futures. This evolution of our fundamental vision and approach led us to choose LifeWise StL as our new name in 2019. It conveys what we are about — helping people at every age live wisely.

As LifeWise StL, we look forward to a future of helping the under-resourced improve their well-being and change their futures.

We are proud to be a Safety Net partner of the United Way of Greater St. Louis.

Our History Book

“Advancing the Kingdom . . . Kingdom House: the First 100 Years” offers a rich tapestry of LifeWise StL’s century-long journey. This history book delves into its humble beginnings, the challenges faced, and the triumphant milestones achieved, painting a vivid portrait of an institution deeply rooted in its commitment to community and service.

Our Videos

Take a moment to watch our select YouTube videos that encapsulate the essence of LifeWise StL. These visuals succinctly capture our mission, the communities we serve, and the transformative work we undertake.