Our mission is to help individuals and families achieve economic well-being by providing high-impact, relationship-based programming and by addressing systemic barriers to their success.

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We’re celebrating our 120th Anniversary in 2022!

LifeWise StL is thrilled to celebrate our 120th anniversary. We’ll mark this milestone throughout the year with special events and giving challenges, and by sharing a few of our big dreams for the next 120 years. Stay tuned!

We’ll also take some time to honor our past. As we welcome this momentous year, I can’t help but reflect upon our beginnings. In 1902, St. Louis shoe manufacturing executive William Sloan founded a settlement house to invest in the people in his community. He and his team served them by providing a safe space for living, education and connection—resources that empowered these women and men to build better futures.

A brighter future for our scholars and families is truly the biggest dream of all. To ensure this mission endures, our emphasis is on a higher quality to realize a bigger impact. Spending on partnership-based programming and professionally trained staff is how we make a difference.

So for this special anniversary, please consider how you can help us increase our impact. Volunteer with us for the first time, help spread the word about our mission and work, or donate 120% more than what you have in the past. We need your help in whatever way works best for you.

Thank you for all you do—past, present and future—for LifeWise.

Scott E. Walker

Our New Tagline

As we celebrate our long and rich history this year, we’re also introducing a new tagline. A tagline is the short phrase that accompanies our logo, which tells people what we’re about. You may have noticed our previous ones, but not given them much thought. We’re updating ours to better reflect who we are today.

It’s hard to squeeze 120 years of history into one short phrase. As we examined who we are and what we do, we recognized that our organization’s goal has always been to help people have better lives. Our high-impact, relationship-based programs help individuals of all ages develop fundamental life skills. These skills include literacy, fitness and health education, financial literacy, emotional wellness, and much more.

In a phrase, what we’re about today is Life Skills for Better Futures. It’s short and memorable, and very fitting for LifeWise StL. So, the next time you want to describe LifeWise StL to someone, we hope that “life skills for better futures” springs to mind!

Our Impact

of 5-year-old Early Childhood Center participants were ready to enter kindergarten.
of K-12 after school participants maintained or improved course grades.
of LifeWise Academy seniors graduated from high school.
of economic wellness participants increased their income, savings and assets.
of perinatal mental health participants reported an increase in their understanding of mood and anxiety disorders and effective coping strategies.
of Senior Companion clients remained in their homes thanks to support from over 40 senior volunteers.