Our mission is to help individuals and families achieve economic well-being by providing high-impact, relationship-based programming and by addressing systemic barriers to their success.

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Who We Serve

Changing Lives

Our New Name and Logo

Our story began in 1902 when Kingdom House was founded as a settlement house. Middle class men and women provided education and resources to help the growing immigrant population of St. Louis. They created a place of hope, refuge, learning and connection. These ideals have endured even as the community around us has changed and life situations are more challenging.

Our organization has experienced its own metamorphosis as it adapted to meet the needs of our participants. We have moved away from crisis services toward holistic transformations.

Today, we have a model that is based on educational programming fused with personalized and supportive coaching. This evolution led us to choose LifeWise STL as our new name, which conveys what we are all about — helping people at every age live wisely.

Including STL as part of our name acknowledges the community that we proudly serve. The colorful butterflies represent our participants’ growth as they learn and develop new capabilities.

Our Impact

the average number of touchpoints with our adult participants in 2018, as compared to just 3 touchpoints in 2014.
of children in our Early Childhood Center met or exceeded developmental milestones in fine motor skills.
of children in our Summer Camp program gained up to 9 months in reading aptitude, compared to the 1.5 to 3 month summer reading slide average.
of senior scholars in our Academy program graduated from high school in 4 years, as compared to the 53% five-year graduation rate at our local high school.
of participants in our financial stability program increased their income, savings or assets, which are components of improving their economic mobility.
of our Senior Companion participants increased their knowledge about community resources, which are important lifelines to helping them live independently longer.

Thank you for your support!

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