Santez 250 x 250Before enrolling in Kingdom Academy two years ago, Santez was a freshman at Gateway High School with a 1.6 GPA. He now makes A’s and B’s. Santez said, “My dream is to be a singer and I’m really into fashion. So I want to be a fashion designer. Kingdom Academy helps you a lot with chasing your dreams, and helps you get yourself out there, because you meet a lot of people.” To build a foundation for that dream, Santez is majoring in nursing.

Because we believe that most youth have the desire and ability to succeed academically and in life, Kingdom Academy was created to support teens to finish high school and move into a post-secondary education.

For youth and their families, Kingdom House utilizes a comprehensive approach to addressing the significant social issue of poverty through an extensive range of programs serving infants, youth, families, seniors and individuals under stress, with the ultimate goal of helping each individual fulfill his or her potential. Together Empowering the Advancement of Members (T.E.A.M.) is the guiding model that encompasses all of our programs. Individuals are assessed for mental health, financial, and educational needs, and then work collaboratively with a social worker (T.E.A.M. Leader) to develop a holistic plan to achieve their goals and dreams!

Santez isn’t alone when it comes to having dreams… Al wants to work for a major accounting firm…Tyra has a career dream to work in Human Resources…Crystal wants to be a teacher because she is thankful for the teachers in her life and wants to give back…Your gift to Kingdom House helps in the fulfillment of dreams!

Thank you for your generosity!

$1,000* | Provides one month of Early Childhood tuition

$500* | Provides one month of Kingdom Academy programming

$300 | Provides one week of meals for a family

$100 | Provides one week of Kingdom Academy tutoring

*Eligible for Missouri YOP Tax Credit program. Make a greater impact by giving more, but with reduced cost, by using Youth Opportunity Program Credits (YOP). Your $1000 gift will cost you approximately $286 and a $500 gift will cost approximately $143 using tax credits and normal deductions.

If you would prefer not to pay online, please call Jennifer March at (314) 627-1228.