Audited Financial Statements & 990s: Upholding Transparency and Trust

A Commitment to Accountability

At LifeWise StL, trust and transparency are more than just words โ€“ they form the foundation of our relationship with our participants, donors, partners, and the wider community. We believe that financial accountability and openness are essential for sustaining the valuable work we do.

Understanding our Financial Health

Our audited financial statements provide an in-depth look into our fiscal health, allowing you to understand how we utilize our resources to achieve our mission. These statements are reviewed and verified by external professionals to ensure accuracy and adherence to financial reporting standards.

Our 990s: A Glimpse into Operations

Form 990s offer insights into our organizational operations, programs, and activities. It’s not just about numbers; it’s a story about where our resources come from, how they are allocated, and the impact we make.

Access our Records

At LifeWise StL, we are proud of the work we do and the trust we’ve earned. We invite you to delve into these documents to better understand our financial journey and our unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility.